Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MegaUpload Successor: "Mega" is officially online

Kim DotCom, owner of the seize file-sharing site MegaUpload lunch his new site that offers its users free 50GB.

Mega was lunch last 19th of January 2013 that coincide with the one-year-anniversary of the seizure-of-MegaUpload.

One of the great feature of Mega is its encryption that is client-side using the AES algorithm. This encryption will assure its users that even the hosting site cant decrypt and view the contents of the data uploaded by its users.

To prevent the same fate that happen with MegaUpload, Mega will be working with different hosting companies.

Mega Team also announce that some companies like film studios and software company will have a direct access to remove the data that violates their copyright using a tool provided by Mega. However, if the company wishes to use this tool they have to agree first that prior to receiving the access they wont sue Mega or hold the site accountable for the actions of its users.

Furthermore, Dotcom have been posting several tweets that suggest its plan on providing additional goodies and services for its users.


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